Affiliate Program

If you operate a limousine or other form of ground transportation service you may want to consider joining our affiliate program.   There are numerous advantages in becoming a GolfLimos Affiliate Partner in your area - here are just a few
  Exclusive Territory - we do not enroll more than one affiliate in a city
  No Cost to Become an Affiliate
  No Cost Lead Forwarding - Leads go directly to your email at no cost
  No Commissions Payable to us for any business booked
  Dedicated Web Page - we set up your own dedicated web page
  Generating Higher Revenues per Client
  Website Link - All we ask is an exchange link between websites
About & Our History is a new service, however for more than 6 years now, we have specialized in providing golf related air travel through our online services at We developed a unique business model which brought together an affiliation of more than 85 professional Air Charter Operators throughout North America who joined the program.


In 2003 became an affiliate of World Choice Travel which is a division of Travelocity – one of the world’s leading online travel providers. Through this affiliation quickly became one of North America’s leading providers of golf related travel services as we were now able to offer a full range of travel services including:

  • Private charter flights anywhere in North America through our affiliation with over 80 air charter providers
  • Secure online booking and real time availability with over 60,00 hotels and resorts world wide
  • Secure online booking and real time availability with over 120 airlines throughout Canada and the USA

Golf & Business Travel

As our services expanded we noticed a growing trend. Clients who used to book golf related travel and destinations, continued to use our online services for much of their business and general vacation travel as well.

We estimate that in 2006 over 1.5 million travelers will log on to and in excess of 150,000 will confirm travel arrangements through our online services.

The introduction of allows us to provide a seamless travel experience for our growing business and leisure travel market. As our GolfLimos affiliate program expands across North America, our clients will experience the convenience of pricing and booking hotels, resorts, tee times, private charter or scheduled flights and ground transportation through one familiar and trusted online experience.

About the Affiliate Program

Review Affiliate Website

With a few minor modifications to suit the limousine industry, we are using the same successful business model that helped grow Affiliate Program to its present day success.

Exclusive Territory

We feel the most important aspect of the affiliate program concerns exclusive territory. Keep in mind our primary business is providing enjoyable travel experiences for our clients and not signing up multiple competitive affiliates. We are looking for just one affiliate partner in each city or specific geographic area who we will enjoy working with.

Becoming an affiliate does not affect your current trade name, - you continue operate under your current trade name.   You simply become the exclusive service provider for all GolfLimos and Golf Jets clients that require ground transportation.  The successful affiliate partner must have good working relationships with other limo services in the area and must agree to supplement service with other operators when your affiliate vehicles are not available for GolfLimos clients.

Huge Metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc may be divided into 2 or 3 exclusive territories based on airport locations or other geographic considerations.  Exclusive Territories are sometimes awarded according to airport locations, however each situation is determined on an individual basis. Return to Top of Page


Lead Generation

Our lead generation program goes hand in hand with our Exclusive Territory. When a potential travel client is reviewing the or the website and wishes to price or book a limo service – he completes and submits our convenient online service quote request form.

The client must specify his destination city or airport. This online request then forwards exclusively to the GolfLimos affiliate partner who is registered for that city or airport. A copy is also received by head office in order that we may monitor the number and quality of leads being generated.

The GolfLimos affiliate partner must agree to contact the client with pricing and service details as requested. If the affiliate partner does not have a vehicle available for the particular date and time, he must agree to make best efforts to arrange alternative service with a competitive service supplier.                   Return to Top of Page


No Cost to Join Affiliate Program, No Charge for Leads and No Commissions Payable

There is no cost in joining the Affiliate Program and we do not charge the Affiliate Partner for email forwarding and there is no charge for any leads which generate from our sites. There is absolutely no commissions payable on any bookings confirmed as a result.   Our only goal is to establish an excellent working relationship with one professional limousine service in a specific market as an extension of our travel services to our GolfJets air charter affiliate members and clients.   Return to Top of Page


Dedicated Web Page   View our Home Page

Each Affiliate partner is set up with a dedicated web page on the website. This page is directly hyper linked with multiple search pages throughout the site which allows clients easy navigation to your page when planning a trip to your region.

Your dedicated Affiliate Partner web page highlights your company as the Exclusive GolfLimos affiliate for the area and includes your trade name, all contact information including phone, fax, email, web address, etc. You may also provide an outline and description of your fleet of vehicles.

You are totally free to include or omit any information you see fit.

Your Affiliate Partner page also includes an online service quote request form which is linked to your email in box. If you wish to have this form modified to suit your particular service or geographic area – we will be happy to do so at no cost.  Return to Top of Page

 Affiliate Application Lead Generation

Our website provides an online charter quote request form for anyone wishing to fly in the speed, comfort and convenience a private charter flight. Our technical team is now in the process of adding a "Limo Request Check Box" to each and everyone of these forms. Now, when a charter client checks "yes" for limo service – his request will also forward directly to the GolfLimos Affiliate Partner who is registered for service to that airport. This will be set up for both departure as well as destination airport.  Return to Top of Page


Reciprocal Hyper Link

We set up a dedicated web page on for each affiliate and establish hyper links back to your website in order that clients can easily navigate back to your site for further details and information.  All we ask in return is a reciprocal link back to  Since you have exclusive marketing rights to your area, you can be assured that your clients are never exposed to any competitive limo service.


Generating Higher Revenues Per Client

Golf groups tend to produce higher per client revenues than general business travelers. When a group of golfers travels to an area the average stay is 3 days and they typically golf a new course each day. When they book their ground transportation with it is usually a 3 day engagement in addition to the airport pick up and drop off. 


Booking Tee Times

Booking Tee Times on behalf of clients is not a requirement to become a GolfLimos Affiliate. However, some clients may request that their limo service set them up with Tee Times and other reservations in the area. If you wish to become a GolfLimos affiliate partner, you need to advise us if you have the capabilities/staff to provide this service at no cost to the client. If not, we will eliminate this "check box" from your online service quote request form.  Return to Top of Page


Affiliate Application      FlightRez Systems is owned and operated by P G Robinson and Associates a Canadian Company registered in the Province of Ontario with head offices at 1100 Memorial Avenue, Suite 424, Thunder Bay, Ontario  P7B 4A3